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Cardiovascular Endurance

The #1 Reason People Quit Exercising is that it’s too difficult.  Minimize the urge to quit by ensuring exercise is fun.  Training is exercise with purpose.

Cardiovascular endurance (cardiorespiratory) is one of the five components of fitness. (Ask your personal trainer about the other 4!)  Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the heart and lungs to provide O2 to the body.

Cardiovascular endurance can be measured using VO2 Max test, which calculates the maximal volume of O2 delivered per minute (Milliliter of Oxygen per Kilogram (2.2 lbs) per minute ).  A VO2 of under 20 is considered to be a Poor score.  The higher your VO2, the better your score.  A VO2 above 40 is considered “Fit”.  A VO2 above 60 is considered “Excellent”.  (For women, deduct 5 points.  Men have larger hearts and lungs than women.)

There are submax and max tests to calculate a person’s cardiovascular endurance.  Three standard submax tests are; Rockport 1 mile Walk Test, 3 minute Step Test, and the 5-7 minute FIT Test.

VO2 Max is calculated for The Rockport 1 mile walk test:

132.853 – (0.1692 * body mass in Kg) – (0.3877 * age in years) + (6.315 * gender) – 3.2649 * time in minutes) – (0.1565 * HR) = VO2 Max

Gender = 0, for female and 1 for male

HR is taken immediately after completion of the walk

1.5 mile Run Test for VO2 Max:

VO2 Max = 3.5 + 483/time in minutes

9 minutes = 57.16 VO2 Max

8:30 minutes = 60.32 VO2 Max

8 minutes = 63.875 VO2 Max

7:30 minutes = 67.9 VO2 Max

Calculator for Maximum Heart Rate and VO2 Max

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