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Principles of Fitness

“If you were there once … you’ll get there quicker the next time.”

If you are experiencing a plateau or feel you’ve hit a wall with your training program you might want to think about a few things, the Principles of Fitness.

1)  Principle of Progressive Overload:  The operative word here is “progressive.”  In order to force your body to respond and adapt to a stimulus, activity or workout, you must gradually overload the body.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and your body is the same.  You should focus on the exercises you do, your form, your reps (count), the weight you use, and your speed (faster/slower).  Since I know that you are serious about your training goals, you are keeping a daily log of your workouts.  Refer to what you did last time and change it up!

2)  Principle of Specificity:  Quite simply stated, you get good at what you practice.  Have you heard of the SAID Principle?  SAID is an acronym for, Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand.  The human body will make specific adaptations based on current activity or stressors in order to make that task easier to handle in the future.  Simply put, the more you do something, the better you will perform at that task.

3)  Principle of individual Variation (Individualization):   Individuals will respond differently to the same stimulus.  This is because we are all different;  age, genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, training age, sleep, gender, hormones, disease, medications.  We are all a bit different, however, everyone responds to exercise.  Adding variety to your exercises will ensure you will continually develop and adapt.  This means you will continue to make gains.  So, change things up every once in awhile in order to continue progression.

4)  FITT Principle:  These are what you should consider when planning and implementing your training program; Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type.

Frequency is how often.  Intensity is how difficult based on your individual ability.  Time is the duration.  And Type is the mode of exercise, or your goal.  Some people prefer to add “E” (FITTE) with E representing enjoyment also.

5)  Principle of Priority:  Before you start, prioritize what is important to you.

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