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How do you say 1차 2차 3차 in English?

I’ve never kept track of 1차 2차 3차… I guess we might just say, “1st round, 2nd round, 3rd round … et cetera”

I think Koreans counting 차  intend to imply a different or new venue altogether.   However, we could use 1st, 2nd, 3rd round for a new set of something, or anything, and it can be in the same location and the same thing, just another “round” or “serving.”

I don’t know if others may agree with me or not, when I hear people say 1차 2차 3차 the idea I get is different location, and different things.

Most of the time… [Korean] people say “2차 가자” after they are done with 1차 to indicate it’s time they move to another place for 2차 for the same thing they did for 1차 or something different.

For example:
1차 삼겹살
2차 술 (different place)
3차 술 (different place)
4차 노래방
5차 술 lol  (different place)
6차 삼겹살 (different place)
7차 고스톱
8차 novaKorean meetup
9차 Dulles airport
10차 Korea

…10차…I have never heard of someone achieving 10차  (I think I will attempt!)
Do you get the idea?
I hope this helps.

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