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Expired Living Social Voucher

You may still be able to use your voucher beyond its expiration date, but only for the amount that you paid for it. When a voucher expires, it is still worth the value that you paid for it up to a certain number of years, depending on applicable law and when such voucher was purchased.
The paid portion of all vouchers purchased in the U.S. after August 22, 2010 will not expire until at least 5 years from the date of purchase (certain states require an even a longer expiration period and some states never allow expiration). For example, if you purchased a voucher after August 22, 2010 valued at $50 worth of cupcakes or cooking classes, and you only paid $25 for that voucher, it is still worth $25 once the expiration date passes up to at least 5 years subsequent to the date of purchase, or even longer depending on applicable law. For vouchers purchased prior to August 22, 2010, the expiration dates vary by jurisdiction.
We are not able to advise our customers on an individual basis whether their vouchers will still be valid past a stated expiration date. You may consult third-party sources for general informational purposes regarding the laws of your state or jurisdiction (like the National Conference of State Legislatures:, although LivingSocial does not endorse such source and takes no position on the accuracy of the site.
Because current regulations are subject to change, please keep yourself apprised of any developments in order to ensure you get the most out of your voucher.
As always, we will do our best to assist you with alternate resolutions if you are having difficulty redeeming your voucher with the merchant.
Thanks for LivingSocial!
P.S. If you still have questions, please reply to this email, or call us at 877-521-4191 (US) or 0-800-014-8431 (UK).

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