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Muscles, Movements & Actions

“Everyone is happy to do Snow Angels, but not as much about doing jumping jacks, when they’re virtually the same thing.” ~ Tim H. NPTI Instructor

A joint is where 2 bones meet.  Flexibility is determined by a joint’s range of motion.  During muscle flexion, the angle of the joint decreases as demonstrated in a bend or curling motion.  During extension of a muscle, the angle of the joint is increased as demonstrated during a sitting to standing motion.

You may have also heard of abduction and adduction.  An abduction movement is considered to be a movement away from the body’s midline or center (raising your arm to the side and up to your shoulder height).  An adduction movement is a movement toward the midline of the body (clicking your heals together).  There is also horizontal abduction and adduction.  This is simply the same movement within the transverse plane, perpendicular to those just described.  Horizontal movements are demonstrated when we do a chest press, push up, chest fly, or while we are hugging a tree (parallel to the horizon).

An isolation exercise is classified as a movement using only one joint.  A compound exercise is classified as movements utilizing more than one joint.

Gym Movements:

chest press:  (compound) horizontal shoulder adduction in the transverse plane, elbow extension

leg press:  (compound) hip and knee extension

V-grip cable row:  (compound) shoulder extension, elbow flexion

triceps pushdown:  (isolation) elbow extension

biceps curl:  (isolation) elbow flexion

dip:  (compound) shoulder flexion, elbow extension


A Resource for Muscles & Their Actions

I found to be a good collection of exercise related information with a seemingly limitless number of muscle-associated exercises listed.  I had a muscle in mind and it was the first muscle I searched for, the Iliocostalis.  I wasn’t able to locate it initially.  After clicking around, I found it under “waist exercises”.  On the waist exercises page I was able to click the section title “Erector Spinae” and then land on the page detailing the anatomy and description of the three main erector muscles, which included the Iliocostalis.  And another curiosity to mention was that had the Pectoralis Minor listed as a synergist to the Pectoralis Major and the Pectoralis Major as a shoulder extension, adduction and abduction muscle.

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