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Gluteus Medius ~ It’s Visible! Glute Minimus ~ It’s Not!

Gluteus Medius starts on the middle gluteal line of the Ilium.  If you can see someone’s “butt” from the front, you are seeing the Glute Medius.  The insertion is at the Greater Trochanter of the femur (the part you bump into door knobs).  Gluteus Medius works for you while you abduct your femur, and on your opposite, supporting leg it helps stabilizes.  Glute Medius works hard while doing a one-legged squat.

Gluteus Minimus originates on the inferior gluteal line of the Ilium and also goes to the Greater Trochanter of the Femur.  It also performs abduction of the Femur (horizontal and vertical).  When muscles start and/or end in the same place, they will have same and similar actions.  The Glute Minimus is the weakest, smallest and deepest Glute muscle.

These two muscles are primarily used to stabilize leg movement.  To focus on these muscles you will perform a lateral leg raise, an X-Band side-walk (lateral), abduction machine, pistols (single-leg squat), penguin walks, fire hydrant (on all fours), or any single-leg movement.  All good exercises for men considering it’s more common to find muscle weakness in these two muscles in males.

A)  Medius B) Maximus C) Minimus

Gluteus Maximus ~ Largest Thickest Human Muscle

Glutes start on the Posterior Sacrum, just below your waistline (and follow your plumber’s line).  Glute Max starts on the Posterior Ilium at the Superior Gluteal Line of the Ilium and runs to the Gluteal Tuberosity of the Femur.  Some of the Glutes attach to the Iliotibial Band (IT Band or IT Track).  The Glutes pull the Femur back into hip extension.  Hip extension is the main action of the Glutes.  The hip is a hinge joint, dividing the body into two sections.  With the feet stable, while the Glutes contract, the trunk extends.  Hip/Leg extension happens while doing a leg press, squat, lunges, and step ups (high).  Trunk extension is demonstrated while performing hyper-extensions,  as well as, good mornings and dead lifts.

Link to some great glutes!

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