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A Guinness Won’t Derail Your Diet

A Guinness might seem the antithesis of a light beer. It’s the color of molasses, with a rich, almost syrupy consistency and a thick, creamy head. You’d imagine it’s a one-way ticket to the treadmill. But looks can be deceiving. A 12-oz. serving of Guinness has 126 calories. That’s less than a Budweiser, a Heineken or a Miller High Life. Plus, drinking a rich, stout beer such as Guinness can be more satisfying than a more watery pilsner or lager. So you may be more willing to stop after one or two.

Not to mention, the health benefits of drinking Guinness extend further than the surprisingly low caloric content. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin found antioxidant compounds in Guinness that may prevent the kind of blood clotting that leads to heart attack. They claim a pint of Guinness a day does as much to fight the risk of heart attack as the daily low-dose aspirin many doctors recommend.

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