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Assignment #5 – Identifying and Living Your Life Purpose

Jesse Harshbarger, Certified Law of Attraction Coach

Fall 2015 AM Mastermind Group

I started out without really understanding what a Life Purpose Statement means to me.  Understanding it better, means I understand that the purpose statement allows me to choose and select what I want for my life.  

I ran through Visualization 3, the uninhabited fabulous planet.  While breathing and relaxing I imagined this planet.  In hindsight, I find it curious that this planet which I could have imagined completely different, was pretty bare.  I could have imagined it being green and full, instead of bare.  I did think about bringing things with me that would help me improve the new environment.  I wanted to bring with me, other people, who could help me develop this new planet.  It’s curious to me that I imagined that I had to start from nothing.

The first thing I wanted to make happen was to establish a comfortable home.  This would be the place to gather and be social.  This home, comfortable for everyone, would lead to many positive creations.  I would make this planet home for everyone.  A home where everyone is cooperating and enjoying their days with all their needs being met or exceeded.  Everyone is happy and comfortable.

I came up with this purpose statement, “I am the channel between where you are right now, and where you want to be.”  Maybe I could have come up with something else, something to do with coming home.

My coaching client went through this process and exercise quite easily and quickly.  Here are the answers to the questions followed by her Life Purpose Statement:

In what ways are you creative?

I am creative in the ways I use money to help my loved ones.  I am creative in how I express my work to a wider audience so that it is relevant and new and informative.  I am creative at work in how I come up with solutions to problems that need research and coordination of multiple resources.

In what ways are you unique?

I am unique in that I am a good listener, problem-solver, mediator and giver when it comes to my loved ones and at work where I am sought out for assistance and answers.  

What things do you fantasize doing?

I fantasize about not having to work in my current field anymore.  I don’t want to worry about money anymore and just travel for a bit and go to spiritual retreats and find out what God wants for my life.  Figure out how to use my gifts in a new and different way.

What do you fantasize having?  

A lofty bank account where I don’t have to worry about making money for about 3-5 years.  After that I’ll go back to work with a different, fresher perspective in my work and what I want to do for this world with my time and my life.

Who do you dream of being?

Mother Theresa.  

Who do you admire?

Mother Theresa.   I have yet to see anyone give and love like she has to those who are considered the most unlovable (the lowest caste in India, the orphans and prostitutes).

What is it that you admire most about them? (What you admire in others you have within yourself!)  

Their understanding of God’s unconditional love for themselves and the ability to give that away to others without hesitation, cost analysis – just radically giving because there is a need.  

What are the most important things to you in your life today?  

My freedom to do things with MY TIME and to do things for myself (spiritually, health-wise to exercise and eat wisely, spending time with loved ones, learn new things (maybe go into holistic medicine).

Life Purpose Statement:  “I am the pottery that can hold God’s love and give God’s love but first I need to receive God’s love, daily.”


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