Health * Wealth * Happiness

Nutrition is very important to the athlete. The source of the food is important. If the athlete ingests empty calories, void of quality carbohydrates, protein and fat, the athlete will surely pay the price through degraded or weak performance. We know that glucose is used for energy. Consistently eating quality carbohydrates is important to maintaining the levels of glycogen stores within the muscles. Carb-loading is important to anticipated prolonged activity (eating a lot of carbs 2-3 days before an event.) On the opposite side of what to do, eating a candy bar or sugar before an event isn’t necessarily a good idea and may degrade performance. Sugar needs water to be assimilated within the body. What do we need water for while being active? To perspire and cool down the body. Eating sugar before activity will tend to steal away the water from the body and causes an insulin spike. After the spike, the blood sugar is lowered and the athlete will certainly feel the side effects.

Good training will not overcome poor nutrition. Good nutrition will not overcome poor training. Therefore, do not think nutrition and training are directly correlated. The two are symbiotic per se, but not directly consequential. Training the muscles and the brain are important to technical performance, speed of completion, accuracy, and cerebral tactician (smart choices against opponents.) To an ultimate extent, what you eat doesn’t affect this. And how you eat is not enough to overcome poor training habits or schedules. The symbiotic nature of the two is such that each must be conducted correctly in order to produce the best results. Eating right will keep your innards functioning properly, which is helpful to your muscles and body. Training right will keep your body fluid and regular; just like over-training can over-task your digestive and recovery systems.


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