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How Now Brown Cow?

Sometimes we focus on lack… instead we should focus on abundance, or what we do have. With a focus on “having it”, owning a focus like this, you begin to see what you have and this tends to lead to attracting more. …remember the “don’t think about the blue elephant” concept? or the invisible Ape video? Where our focus is, we get more of… Now, about “it’s not how well you do it, it’s about what you do”… Much better than the opposite, when you are doing something you love, you will always be happy doing it, even when not doing it perfectly… and, a bit more, if you are doing good deeds, then you’re doing good deeds… progress is progress, better is better, more is more. Perfection is an illusion, delusion and if realized, a singular perception. Your perfection exists within the construct of allowing; begin to accept and allow, again and again. start now. or right now.


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